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Customized. Excellence. Timeliness.


Originally formed to provide tech services to facilities in the detention industry, Sinclair has positioned itself as a first-class security provider focused on the maintenance, upgrades and expansion of security electronics systems originally installed by other integrators.



We provide alternatives to customers that wish to avoid being trapped into doing business with the original security electronics installers. We provide upgrades to our customer's current systems without recreating the common industry need to "rip and replace" and the very costly "start all over" mentality.  Since our founding, Sinclair Cybernetics has continued to improve security for companies everywhere. Bridging communication, technical, and comprehensive security barriers that gives complete security coverage. We adapt to our customers needs and stand by our promise: peace of mind, delivered.  



The staff at Sinclair Cybernetics has decades of experience implementing and maintaining security at high risk, high value facilities all over the US. We are experts in the field, but that only counts if we listen to you, the customer. We conduct a full assessment of your facility before we do any work and together, and only then develop a plan to get from wherever you are today to the desired security level.


Most systems we encounter were built around the Wonderware (InTouch) or Indusoft platform. In order to provide the best experience and customized security plans, our programmer teams and responders are based around both of these platforms. We also recognize a growing number of proprietary protocols and continuously add to our portfolio of programs, applications, customized systems, and vast integration partners list.


Exposure to industry security providers and our own customer's security measures has given us the ability, experience, and best-practice development so we can guide our customers and create the most fitting solution for them.  We don't prey on the common excuse of expensive replacement demands from providers claiming that systems can "no longer be upgraded". Sinclair is here to support and expand our customer's security with the most efficient  and effective strategies.



The modern definition of Cybernetics has come to mean “the scientific study of how humans, animals and machines control and communicate with each other.” We believe that in order for security systems to be optimal, they have to communicate information to people and allow people to control the system.



Closed loop systems provide feedback and allow for response and corrective action to take place. Shouldn’t your security system to this for you? Shouldn’t a system that improves security work with people and not be an additional burden?

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